Your Local Shop in the Hotel Garni Pramstraller

We, your host family at the Hotel Garni Pramstraller, are always striving to ensure our guests have everything they desire. In our hotel this goes beyond providing comfortable accommodation and delicious food and drink. To ensure that you have easy access to everything you need during your holiday, there is also a well-stocked shop directly adjoined to the Hotel Garni Pramstraller.

Make your holiday complete!

At the front of our hotel is the “Kaufhaus Pramstraller” shop which offers you the opportunity to do any day to day shopping or even pick up a souvenir of your unforgettable Ziller Valley holiday, quickly and without unnecessary fuss.

We stock newspapers and magazines from around the world, as well as tobacco products, home textiles, local traditional dress and fashions, hats and toys.

Come into the “Kaufhaus Pramstraller” and pick up a sweet treat, a “made in Tyrol” souvenir or some holiday reading material!